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Odissea TV series with 8 episodes of 55 minutes each, with Franco Rossi as director. Cinematographic version: Le Avventure di Ulisse. 109 minutes.  Barbara Bach as Barbara Gregorini (her first husband was the italian Augusto Gregorini) is Nausicaa, and the leading actors were Bekim Fehmiu (Ulysses), Irene Papas (Penelope), Renaud Verley (Telemachus), Scilla Gabel (Helen). Ulysses is a great war hero who travels throughout the ancient Greek world on his ship. He visits many mythical and exotic lands during his long and wearisome travels to return home to Ithaca. After injuring the son of the god Poseidon, Ulysses is condemned to sail the seas for 10 years.

Starring: Bekim Fehmiu, Irene Papas, Renaud Verley, Barbara Bach, Marina Berti, Roy Purcell, Marcella Valeri, Karl-Otto Alberty, Orso Maria Guerrini, Peter Hinwood

Country: Italy | France | West Germany | Yugoslavia
Language: Italian

Original Title: "Odissea" (1968-1969) TV mini-series. Barbara Gregorini as Nausicaa.
... aka Die Odyssee (West Germany)
... aka L'odyssée (France)
... aka The Adventures of Ulysses (Europe-  English title-  theatrical title)
... aka Las Aventuras de Ulises (Spain)
... aka The Odyssey (Canada)

 Filming Locations: Dino De Laurentiis Cinematografica Studios, Rome, Lazio, Italy. Yugoslavia.

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