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You have just entered the Barbara Bach's Galleries Section that is divided into 14 parts with more than 500 photos. This large portion of the site is especially important to the Barbara Bach's fans. It's a chance to see her in all her splendor and to relive the films with pictures. If using photos for a layout or artwork, please credit. If using photos on other sites or galleries, please credit and link back on the pages they appear. Please do not reproduce entire galleries elsewhere. Thank you. Please, note that take-over and exploitation of the photographs is forbidden. Check back again soon for more photos and new galleries.


Top Model Gallery: Early years as a Model. This gallery contains Barbara pics ever since she gained notoriety, of hundreds of Fashion magazines around the world. Late  60's early 70's. 


ADS Gallery: This gallery contains vintage Ads 60s-70s: Makeup, Cosmetic, Fashion Advertisements.


Bond Girl Gallery:  Enter the Bond Girl Gallery  for many photos promoting to Barbara as The New Bond Girl in The Spy who loved me. 1976-1977.


The Spy who loved Me Gallery: Enter the Spy who loved me Gallery including promo photos, screencaps, stills. Pinewood Studios. Cannes Film Festival. London Premiere 1977. Barbara Bach & Roger Moore. 1976-1977.


Photoshoots & Professional photos: This Gallery contains the best Barbara Bach pictures collection. 1970-1990.


Navarone Photo-Session Gallery: Enter the Photo-Session Gallery for some photos promoting the movie Force 10 from Navarone in 1978.


Close-ups Gallery: Closeups and hairstyles. Check the Close-ups Gallery with many Barbara pictures in b/w & color organized chronologically.


Filmography Gallery: Check the Gallery with Barbara movies list, pictures, screencaps, stills, posters and dvd covers. Barbara career in pictures organized by years. 1968-1984.


Covers GalleryThis Gallery contains many rare magazine & newspaper Covers. Barbara Bach has been featured on the cover of hundreds of magazines around the world. 1965-2017..


Photobio: This gallery contains her life in photos organized by years  from the 60s-now; family moments, Barbara and her sons, Beatle Ringo Starr Wedding,  holidays, friends pics, premieres and events.



Barbara's public appearances: Check this Gallery for screen captures of Barbara Bach in several interviews and shows on TV, Galas, Premieres, Commercials. Youtube Videos. 60s-2000s


Wallpapers Gallery: Enter the Wallpapers Gallery to decorate your computer.


Banners Gallery: Take a look and link us.


Collections: Take a look at my collection and some rare items. Not for sale


All registered copyrights belong to their respective owners and/or distributor. Please, note that take-over and exploitation of the photographs is forbidden. These pics are being shown on the web withouth commercial character, and only for the enjoyment of Barbara Bach´s fans with no rights given or implied. We use a wide variety of sources for our photos: They range from items purchased in ebay or photos sent by fans, and scanning pics from books, magazines and newspapers. We never knowingly list infringing pics. If you do find a photo added which you consider is in violation of your owned copyright, I ask you to please contact me and I will most gladly comply with your request to remove it and I refrain from future display of the pic. Thanks.

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