The Unseen (1980)


The Unseen is a 1980 American horror film directed by Danny Steinmann. Starring: Stephen Furst, Barbara Bach, Sydney Lassick, Karen Lamm, Lois Young, Douglas Barr, Lelia Goldoni.

Plot Synopsis: A television reporter (Barbara Bach) and her two friends head to Solvang, California to cover a Danish festival. When there is a mix-up at the hotel and they are left without hotel rooms, the girls accept the invitation of a friendly museum owner to board at his large farmhouse because the rest of the motels in and around town are sold out. But unknown to the women, something is living in the basement of the house. Their stay soon becomes a horrific nightmare when, one by one, they encounter the 'unseen'.

Country: USA
Language: English
Filming Locations: California (USA)
Director of photography Roberto Quezada.

Director Danny Steinmann was upset with the final cut of the film because it missed most of the major scares. He had his name removed from the movie and was credited under the pseudonym "Peter Foleg".


Original Title: The Unseen (1980). Barbara Bach as Jennifer Fast
... aka Gemidos en la oscuridad (Spain)
... aka Les secrets de l'invisible (France)
... aka Kælderen (Denmark)
... aka Källaren (Norway)

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