Il lupo dei mari (1975)

Legend of the Sea Wolf (Italian: Il lupo dei mari , also known as Larsen, Wolf of the Seven Seas) is a 1975 Italian adventure film directed by Giuseppe Vari. It is based on the novel The Sea-Wolf by Jack London.

 Summary: Jack London's 1903 story of terror and despair as sailors awakening from a drugged or drunken slumber and are forced to serve aboard a sailing ship against their will. The actor Chuck Connors as Captain Wolf Larsen, a sadistic, obsessed seafarer who must confront his only fear on a danger-filled voyage.

The Sea Wolf is an agreeable tale of life on the high seas, and in particular on board a sealing schooner named 'Ghost'. The film has an intelligent character study, reflecting on the various roles and stunningly playing the tale. Fine acting by all, Captain Larsen commands a surly ship of seal hunters through sheer ruthlessness and ego, being pursued by his brother called Death Larsen (Ivan Rassimov) who commands a ship named Macedonia. Special mention to support cast, plenty of familiar faces of the Italian sub-genres.

Starring: Chuck Connors, Giuseppe Pambieri, Barbara Bach, Rik Battaglia, Luciano Pigozzi, Ivan Rassimov, Lars Bloch, Renato Baldini.

Filmed entirely shot on location, and using model scales and in tank studios, sets and pervasive fog machines.


Country: Italy
Language: Italian

Original Title: Il lupo dei mari (1975). Barbara Bach as Maud Brewster 
... aka El corsario salvaje (Mexico) 
... aka The Legend of Sea Wolf (USA: video title) 
... aka Die Höllenfahrt (Germany video title) 
.... El lobo del mar (Argentina)
... Tempestad (Spain video title)
.... La leyenda del lobo del mar (Spain)
...Ulf Larsen - Ulven fra de 7 have (Denmark)


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