"Spy Who Loved me" Premiere. Odeon Leicester Square in London on 7 July 1977

The 7th of July was a warm and clear summer’s day - with a difference. What made it special, other than the fact that the date read 07/07/77, was that one of the most impressive film premieres London has seen was about to take place. The date of the premier itself was selected with numerical significance - 07/07/77.... with lots of 0's and 7's for James Bond's significant number 007.

The Odeon cinema in Leicester Square once again played host to another exciting James Bond debut. This time it was a long awaited film by the title of ... 'The Spy Who Loved Me'.

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The Spy Who Loved Me opened with a Royal Premiere attended by Princess Anne at the Odeon Leicester Square in London on 7 July 1977. It grossed $185.4 million worldwide, with $46 million in the United States alone. The faboulous weather meant tha even more fans than usual were eagerly waiting outside to catch a glimpse of the stars arriving at the cinema. Alongside members of cast such as Sir Roger Moore, Richard Kiel and Bond girl Barbara Bach were members of the production crew. As with tradition at James Bond premieres, producer Cubby Broccoli and Micheal G Wilson attended and lined up alongside the cast ready to meet the Royal Guest of Honour.

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