Hey Hey In Montserrat. Filming Date: February 19th 1981.

“Hey Hey” is a track from 1983 album “Pipes Of Peace“, co-written by Paul McCartney and bass player Stanley Clarke, during the Montserrat sessions in 1981.

Paul began recording his latest album "Tug of War" and parts of his following album "Pipes of Peace" at George Martin`s Air Studios on the Caribbean island of Montserrat near the town of Salem. Paul enlisted a number of well known musicians to help him out including Ringo. Ringo arrived on Feb 15. Paul filmed the sessions and Ringo is seen in footage on the day Ringo & Barb were leaving to return to Los Angeles (Feb 19). The film footage was edited into a brief 3 minute film Paul titled "Hey Hey in Montserrat" which he released on the DVD that was included in his "Pipes of Peace" deluxe edition box set in October 2015.

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