The Michael Parkinson Show.

Filming and Broadcast Date: December 12th 1981

Parkinson is a British television chat show that was presented by Michael Parkinson. It was first shown on BBC1 from 19 June 1971 to 8 May 2004 then on ITV from 4 September 2004 to 22 December 2007. Barbara Bach with husband musician Ringo Starr were interviewed on December 12, 1981. BBC TV Centre. London.

Michael Parkinson always sought guests who, besides being well known, had some sort of story to relate. He then saw his job as allowing them to tell it and did so by being open, relaxed and attentive. . Ringo was particularly amusing and drew a warm response from the audience. Liverpool comedian Jimmy Tarbuck, who had achieved fame during the Mersey boom in the mid-60s, was also a guest, as was Tim Rice.

The show's finale was a hilarious jam session with Ringo on drums and Tarbuck, Rice, Barbara and Parkinson joining in on the number “Singing The Blues”.


Screencaps from Parkinson Show December 12, 1981. 

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