Barbara Walters Special. Filming Date:  March 7th 1981. Broadcast Date:  March 31st 1981

IIn America, Ringo and Barbara make their first television appearance since John's death in a pre-recorded 13-minute feature on the ABC TV show The Barbara Walters Special.  

Ringo & Barbara were interviewed in their Los Angeles home by veteran journalist Barbara Walters.

During the interview, Bach describes the difference between “Ringo Starr,” the public persona, and her husband, Richard Starkey.

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During the show Ringo is seen in the recording studio teaching Barbara how to play the guitar, and announcing that they will marry this year. Ringo becomes emotional when Barbara Walters asks him about John's death, and he requests that the tape be turned off until he composes himself for the interview to continue. (Incidentally, during this programme, there is a discrepancy over the date as to when Ringo claims that he last saw John. On this show, he said it was on Saturday November 15, but in the Stop And Smell The Roses CD booklet, he claims it was Wednesday November 26, 1980.)

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