The mask of Alexander Cross (1977)


TV Movie. Directed by Bernard McEveety. It was a pilot episode for a possible TV series.

 “The Mask of Alexander Cross” was a TV movie shown in 1977 over American television channels in which the genre is adventure thriller and crime drama. The cast of characters were Paul Shenar (in dual roles as Alexander Cross and Jim) and Barbara Bach as Interpol Agent.

Synopsis: Alexander Cross is a ruthless, unscrupulous individual, devoid of conscience or ethics. He is involved in activities that are not exactly legal. He is a notorious womanizer, who doesn't care if they are married, and usually uses them for one thing or another. When this habit of his catches the ire of one of his associates, he is killed. However, a group of people who have been burned by Cross, have kept his death a secret and have found a man named Jim who's the spitting image of him. They want Jim to take Alex's place and get into his inner sanctum so that they correct the wrongs he has done and would have done if he was still alive. However, there is one problem, another one Alexander Cross' quirks, is that he is a health freak, that means that he's a teetotaler and a vegetarian. And Jim is a strong drinker and a meat lover.

Starring: Paul Shenar, Barbara Bach, Lloyd Nolan, Fred Beir, Kelley Miles, Steven Marlo, Karen Carlson, H.M. Wynant.

Country: USA
Language: English

Original Title: The Mask of Alexander Cross (1977) (TV). Barbara Bach as Agent judson.
... aka La máscara de Alejandro (Venezuela)
... aka Le masque D' Alexander Cross (France)
... Tote Killer morden nicht (Germany)

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