Il Cittadino si ribella (1974)


Italian Movie. Il Cittadino si ribella. Directed by Enzo G. Castellari- Italy. An action-packed thriller about a frustrated crime victim who takes the law into his own hands. Carlo Antonelli (Franco Nero) is a normal, everyday businessman until, one day, he finds himself on the wrong side of three vicious bank robbers. When he fails to comply with their demands, they take him hostage and brutally assault him. With the police apparently unwilling to do anything about the attack. Much to the chagrin of his on-off girlfriend Barbara (Barbara Bach), he is drawn deeper and deeper into a web of corruption as he enters the very bowels of Genoa's underworld. Through painstaking detective work Carlo lures the perpetrators and their criminal bosses into a trap, but someone in the police department tips them off.

Starring: Franco Nero, Giancarlo Prete, Barbara Bach, Renzo Palmer, Nazzareno Zamperla, Massimo Vanni, Romano Puppo, Renata Zamengo, Franco Borelli.

Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Filming Locations: Genoa, Liguria, Rome, Lazio (Italy).

Special mention also has to be made of the film’s fearless stunt crew, crashing cars and flying through windows with reckless abandon. Every car chase sequence in Street Law carries with it a sense of palpable danger, as these were acts that could actually kill its performers.


Original Title: Il cittadino si ribella (1974) .... Barbara Bach as Barbara
... aka Street Law (Canada: English title) (USA) 
... aka The Anonymous Avenger (UK video box title)
... aka The Citizen Rebels (USA) 
... aka Vigilante II (video title UK) 
... aka El ciudadano se rebela (Spain)
... aka Ein Mann schlägt zurück (Germany)

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