Galleries/ TV Appearances

This vast collection features most of Barbara's TV appearances (including: interviews, performances and commercials), all in chronological order. Please click on the thumbnails to enter galleries. Copyright by respective production studio and/or distributor. Intended for editorial use only. Videos from Youtube.

Italian TV Commercial Kaloderma. (1969)
Italian TV Commercial. Amaro Cora. (1971)
The Making of The Spy who Loved me Documentary. (1977)
The Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon. (1977)
The 36th Annual Golden Globes Awards. January 27(1979)
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Aired May 9 (1979)
The John Davidson Show. Aired July 28 (1980)
Phil Donahue TV talk show. March 23 (1981)
 Today Show. March 26 (1981)
Barbara Walters Show. March 31 (1981)
April 27th 1981. Wedding London (1981)
The Merv Griffin Show. May 4 (1981)
Johnny Carson Show. May 6 (1981)  
Good Morning America. May 7 (1981)
Tomorrow Show. November 25 (1981)
Saturday Night Live Show. December 8 (1984)
Wogan Show. (1988)
CBS This morning. July 24 (1990)
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