"LA DE DA": Promo Video, May 10, 1998.

Music Video "La De Da," from the Ringo Starr album "Vertical Man," directed by Nancy Bennett, filmed mostly in Time Square,

Ringo Starr attempts to shoot a promotional video for the song 'La De Da' at NY's Shea Stadium, in between the innings of the New York Mets' baseball game, but unfortunately, due to heavy rain, he changes his plans and instead takes to the NY streets where, along with family, friends & various passers-by, he films a video sitting on a bench holding an umbrella in the pouring rain. May 10, 1998.

The first clips of this video appear on MTV Europe on May 19 and in America on Entertainment Tonight on May 25.

Features cameos from Barbara, Lee Starkey, Gianni Gregorini, Mark Hudson and the Roundheads and even the boy-band Hanson. The video, when edited, includes footage of Ringo and his band performing the song in the studio as well as footage of Paul singing the chorus, shot at his studio home in Sussex on Monday September 29, 1997).

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