An Audience with Billy Connolly. (1985 TV Special)  Aired 26 October 1985


An Audience with Billy Connolly: Director, Alasdair Macmillan. Scottish comedian and musician Billy Connolly descends onto the London stage with his signature brand of comedy in tow for this live stand-up program. Playing for an audience of celebrities. Date October 21, 1985. Aired October 26 1985.

An Audience with... is a British entertainment television show produced by London Weekend Television (now part of ITV Studios), in which a host, usually a singer or comedian, performs for an invited audience of celebrity guests, interspersed with questions from the audience, in a light hearted revue/tribute style. Billy Connolly was the seventh person to host the show.  Billy Connolly takes questions from a celebrity audience and regails the audience with a few tales as only Billy Connolly can. Billy also shows his mastery of comic improvisations when the audience ask questions and he shows his uncanny skill to talk at length about any topic thrown at him.  

Barbara Bach & Ringo audience members.

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