Michael Parkinson in Australia Show. September 28, 1982.

After several years hosting Parkinson for BBC Television, Michael Parkinson took up a lucrative Australian offer and proceeded to host a chat show down under. The edition screened on 8 October 1982, recorded on 28 September, featured Ringo and Barbara Bach and Glen Sharrock, a former member of the Little River Band.

Ringo and Barbara were the first guests and appeared for the programme's full running time of one hour, being introduced with clips of the Beatles.

Barbara screencaps bellow. Click to enlarge pics.

The couple chatted, Ringo as witty as ever, with Barbara admitting that she'd never seen any of the Beatles' films. She also talked about her children. Parkinson persuaded Ringo to sing 'Honey Don't' with Sharrock and his band, but the former Beatle appeared ill at ease. However, when the group moved into 'Blue Suede Shoes' and then returnedto 'Honey Don't', with Barbara joining them for a dance, Ringo had gained sufficient confidence to play drums. Copyright by respective production studio and/or distributor. Intended for editorial use only.

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