Jaguar Lives (1979)


Directed by Ernest Pintoff. USA/Spain. 1979

 Starring: Joe Lewis, Christopher Lee, Donald Pleasence, Barbara Bach, Capucine, Joseph Wiseman, Woody Strode, John Huston, Gabriel Melgar, Anthony De Longis, Sally Faulkner, Gail Grainger, Luis Prendes, Simón Andreu, Freda Lorente, Silvia Aguilar, George Rigaud, Victor Israel

One of the world's deadliest secret agents, known as "The Jaguar," tracks some of the most notorious enemies on Earth using his special brand of karate and oriental moves.

Country: USA | Spain
Language: English
Filming Locations: Spain

Original Title: Jaguar Lives! (1979). Barbara Bach as Anna Thompson 
... aka El felino (Spain) 
... Nel mirino del giaguaro (Italy)

Imagen Gallery Jaguar Lives
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