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BARBARA BACH has been featured on the cover of hundreds of magazines around the world. Here are various magazine covers with beautiful close-ups of BARBARA BACH,  appearing on the front covers of most  international magazines: USA, South America, Europe, Australia, Asia. All items come from my personal collection. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge. 

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"Skorpio" 1980 Italy "Tele Sette" 1980 Italy "Studio" 1980 Holland "Weekend" 1980 UK "Illustre" 1981 Canada "Scorpio" 1981 Italy
"Hight Society" 1981 USA "Ilustrovana Politika" 1981 Yugoslavia  "Filmstar"1981 Thailand "Playboy" 1981 USA "Playgirl" 1981 USA "People" 1981 USA
"Aquarian" 1981 USA "HOLA!" 1981 Spain "Lecturas" 1981 Spain "Woman's Own" 1981 UK "Daily Mirror" 1981 UK "Vibraciones" 1981 Spain
"The Sun" 1981 UK "LIFE" 1981 USA "Intimite" 1982 France "TV Times Magazine" 1982 UK "La Settimana Enigmistica" 1982 Italy "Family Circle" 1983 UK
"Piel Suave" 1983 Argentina "Ekran" 1983 Poland "People" 1983 USA "Weekend" 1984 UK "Video Programm" 1984 Germany "James Bond Girls" Book by JM Paland 1985 France
"James Bond Girls" Book by Graham Rye 1997 USA "James Bond magazine" 2002 France "M16 Confidential magazine" 2008 UK "James Bond Car Collection magazine" 2011 Germany Fantasy Novel by Irrlicht (German Edition). Germany Julien's Auction catalog 2015 USA
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